My DNA Part 1 and a Surprise

Before my DNA story, I have a surprise for you. I have a good friend who writes an HS (Hidradenitis Suppurativa) Journal. She asked me a few weeks ago if she could interview me for her September Issue and I gladly agreed. Here is my story:  HS Journal

Several days ago, I got my DNA results from AncestryDNA. What I found was not too much of a shock based on what I knew about where my family came from, but a couple areas were a surprise. When my daughter got her DNA, we thought the Italy, Greece,  Spain,  and Portugal results were from her Puerto Rican father and the Indian results where from my side. Turns out, I too have Italian, Greek, Spanish, and Portugal in my DNA. Her’s is a higher percentage so, this means her father has that too as is common in Puerto Rican’s. There are a few full-blooded Indian ancestors on both my mom and dad’s side, but I must not have gotten that part of my parents DNA (if they even had it in theirs).

We get 50% of each parent’s DNA and it’s pretty much a crap shoot as to which part of the DNA you get passed down to you from them. I have sent the last few weeks working long hours to make my family tree in time for my DNA results. I didn’t do that in vein either. I am not even close to having my tree complete. There’s a lot of research to be done to make sure you have the right person in your tree links. I have my father’s father’s side almost done, and what I see are names like Rector, Richter, Oldham, Fischbach, Fishback, and more that all came with a note from other tree users (We are Germanna!) I did a google search and came up with this: Germanna Foundation. I am a direct descendant of the Rectors who founded Rectortown, VA and other first settlers of Germantown, VA! I couldn’t wait to see my DNA matches.

When you get your results, you will have a list of people show up with a percentage of relationship to you such as parent, child, brother, sister, cousin, and so forth. I matched up with my two kids who did their’s (of course) and over a THOUSAND 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins. I have assess to a lot of their trees (if they are public) to see how we are family. I can add people from their tree to mine to fill in my blanks and link them properly to my tree. I am even shown how they link to my tree through other family members. For instance, my 5th great grandfather has kids, they have kids, and so forth. My matches can come from a close relative’s children or even a distant relative’s children. This link up gives me DNA confirmation on my tree to an ancestor. Ancestors like the Rector’s.

That said, my results are below. I have even shown how the Rector’s married into the Stevens (My dad’s father’s side).

Screenshot (70)Screenshot (71)Screenshot (72)Screenshot (73)Screenshot (74)Screenshot (75)Screenshot (76)Screenshot (77)Screenshot (78)Screenshot (79)Screenshot (80)Screenshot (81)Screenshot (82)Screenshot (83)Screenshot (84)Screenshot (85)Screenshot (86)Screenshot (87)Screenshot (88)

The DNA labels are what I used to mark people who I matched with through DNA. I have a lot more to go through! After I am done, I plan on putting any picture I find of each person in the DNA place and making a book to pass on to my children of each person in my tree. I’ll have to make a book for each of my grandparent’s surnames as there are too many for just one book.

My next post will be about more DNA testing that you can do with your Raw DNA file once you download it from AncestryDNA.

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