Humira for HS Update #2

Since being on Humira (July 24th) for my Hidradenitis, I have been having such good results. It’s my “time of the month” (Period) and I am only spotting a little. Usually, my hidradenitis flares up and I may get new boils.

My left arm had the worst HS and failed in surgery because they surgeon didn’t go deep enough. Every month, it opens back up and hurts to the point I can’t raise my arm. On Humira, it seems to just slightly hurt off and on and I can still raise my arm without pain.

Yesterday, I noticed a small new lesion forming near my buttocks, but it’s almost gone today. Tonight, while shaving my legs, I noticed two pea sized lumps near the top of my groin, but they didn’t hurt at all and seemed solid.

My skin was itchy in all areas I shaved for a few hours after. I used to have Psoriasis as a child and teen behind my ear. My son had it on his hand as a child, and my grandson has it all over at 8 months old.  think this is just my psoriasis trying to pop back up, but Humira is keeping that down too. It popped up behind my ears again earlier this month and went away in a week or two. I wonder if Humira, which helps with Psoriasis too, caused the psoriasis that went dormant on me at 17 to pop back up?

I hope that Humira keeps working for me. I would rather deal with slightly itchy skin than painful HS any day!

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