The Gynecologist part 2 (more surgery)

I had my follow up appointment with my OB/Gyn yesterday to go over my sonogram results. The Dr said I have 3 fibroids they could measure, but other’s forming and my uterus has tilted (fallen). One fibroid inside the uterus, one in the muscle itself, and one on the outside. They couldn’t view my right ovary well enough, but the left was a little enlarged due to two cysts. He said my badder issues with frequent urge to pee, bladder control, pain, and issues fully emptying are due to the fibroids and tilted uterus pushing on my bladder. The condition is also causing more constipation and adding back pain to the back issues I already have (scoliosis and degenerative disk disease). This is also why I am becoming anemic off and on, having pain during sex, and why my periods are heavy; long; clotty; irregular; and painful. I am basically in the first trimester of pregnancy with multiple fibroids is how he put it. He’s right, I feel like I did when I first got pregnant with frequent urination, bloating, and a heavy feeling in my abdomen. I can even feel my uterus bulge when I press on my lower abdomen.

I had already been told about the cysts and fibroids during the sonogram. I had researched my options and planned on discussing a hysterectomy with him anyway. However, he brought it up first as my best option of treatment. I am having the uterus, Fallopian tubes, and cervix removed via a Da Vinci robot my Dr will control. He is one of only 6 gynecologists  in my area trained to use this robot. He said I could return to normal activities in about 6 weeks and I would be given after care instruction on how to prevent a prolapse of any organs after losing most of my pelvic floor. I was given a pre-op date of Sept 19th and a surgery date of Sept 27th.

I won’t lie. While I am happy to have no more fibroid complications and zero periods, I am a little scared. I saw the machine and it looks scary! I have a phobia of robots and fears of it malfunctioning. I guess that comes from watching Maximum Overdrive and the Terminator. I also worry about my insides coming out my vagina later or my bladder falling. What happens to my ovaries in there just floating around? DO they stay in one place forever or can they move around freely now? I had skin surgery just 3 months ago, this one is a LOT more invasive and has more complication risks involved. But, thinking about being free of the monthly increased pain, bladder issues, and heavy bleeding with anemia makes this all seem worth it. I hope anyway.

I freed my calendar from the date of surgery until Nov 8th just to make sure I have enough free time to heal properly. I will do everything the Dr says to do after to minimize complications in the future. I will be sure to update everyone after surgery.

Last note of the day, my DNA was received at yesterday. I can’t wait to get the results. It only took 3 days to get to them and checked in. 23andMe….where’s my DNA? I see you still have the “You’re kit is in transit, We are working to upgrade computer systems at the lab. This will add a few weeks delay to your processing time. Please hang tight!” when the USPS said you got my DNA July 28th! I am so glad I got my money back from that. UGH.


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