DNA conspiracy, Family Tree, and More.

I know it’s been a while since I posted. I have been a very busy person lately. I ordered my 23andMe DNA kit last month and they lost mine and a bunch of other people’s kits after they were delivered. Well, they say they didn’t, but they never logged it in as received and couldn’t tell me or many other’s where their kits went after delivery. I tracked and verified my delivery to them and so did many others. 23andME claim they are upgrading their computer systems. I smell a conspiracy, though. Their contracted lab that does the DNA testing is LabCorp. My kit went to NC and that lab was hit with a computer breach. My kit was received July 28th but never logged into their system. Their breach in NC was July  17th. Also, on August 3 in NC, a Labcorp truck was robbed at gunpoint! Who does that? Either someone doesn’t want to pay child support REAL BAD or I smell a fish. I asked for a replacement kit from two different 23andMe agents. The first agent said he couldn’t order a new kit because the system was down and to try back later. He didn’t deny or admit to a computer breach when I mentioned it as a fact either. HMMMM. I waited a week and called again. They had been given my DNA 2 weeks ago at this point and I asked for a new kit or a refund. This woman agent couldn’t give me a kit saying she had a computer error and gave me a refund. Wait, You can give me a refund VIA your computer, but not order a new kit? Yet, I see tons of 23andMe ads on TV. What the hell is going on? The kits going to LA are just fine I read on blogs, just NC is having issues. What’s up NC? Where’s my DNA!!! I logged in a opted out of everything I had opted in to and opted to have my sample destroyed. I doubt they will destroy it. The whole thing is even more freaky when you think that about the fact that 23andMe partnered with GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceuticals for DNA research on new drugs! Guess where their research team is? Yep! NORTH CAROLINA! It’s all just too damn coincidental.

Let me just say, I do not mind DNA drug research. I have a lot of medical issues and if my DNA can help find treatments, go for it. What I am not ok with is the fact that my DNA is out there and I have no clue where it went! I am not ok with being lied to either. If they lost it, they should just tell me and every one else who lost their’s. Funny thing is that some of these same people who had the same issue as I did got a replacement kit before I asked for one and then their DNA goes through just fine the second time. Delivered fine and everything. What, what? But, you have a computer update going on and everything is on hold? How is that possible? Now, there is a computer error so not one get’s replacement kits. Is that because people started putting two and two together? I digress.

Meanwhile, my daughter ordered her DNA kit (I got it for her) through AncestryDNA. She mailed her DNA kit a day after I mailed my 23andMe kit and got her results just a couple days ago. So, I  ordered a DNA kit through the AncestryDNA site and made an Ancestry.com Family Tree. There was a sale on the DNA kit and a 14 free trial on the extra family tree search help features so I got both. Actually, I went ahead and paid for the research part at about  $33 a month. I can always cancel when I am done with research because, my tree and account with always be free. My DNA account will always be free too.

I wanted to know my family info and health info through 23andMe, but found I can just download my DNA file and upload my Raw DNA to other sites for health info at a WAY cheaper price (one is only $5). I got my AncestryDNA kit yesterday and popped it in the mail the same day.

So, that’s what I am busy doing now. I am making my family tree and going to see if my DNA matches up with anyone or tells a cool thing about my family history. I will share more about that when I am done. It takes a long time to make a family tree. I have to go through each person and make sure their info is correct and linked back to me. One mistake messes up everyone in that part of the branch. I did that a couple times and had to just start all over by downloading it onto a free tree program called Gramps, fix the issues found, and then upload the fixed info onto a new tree. That sucked because I lost all the photos I had and had to redo everyone’s profile picture. I have over 1000 people in my tree. This could take years to finish correctly, but maybe the DNA can do that for me or at least help some. If someone in my tree…even distant relatives did their ancestry DNA, it will link with me as well as their family tree.

Tip: if you are doing your tree too, Find A Grave is your friend. It’s free and will give you pictures , family info, and obituaries. Keep in mind, not everyone has a memorial listed and not everyone has pictures or obituaries. Just make sure the person’s birth and death dates match your tree person. Many people have the same names, but different dates.

On a side note, I had a sonogram of my uterus and they found 3 fibroids and both ovaries had cysts. One ovary was large as well. The woman mentioned PCOS Polycystic ovary syndrome  and it fits with the symptoms I am having, but I will confirm with my Dr. I have to talk to my Gynecologist Monday to discuss treatment options. I will blog more about this Monday, but will probably be having more surgery soon. This explains a TON of the symptoms I am having like bladder emptying issues and the extra back and pelvic pain. My Gynecologist thought I just had Perimenopause going on. Now we know that’s not the whole picture. I also had a Mammogram and will find out those results. I think I am OK there, I have never found a lump or anything.

Stay tuned for DNA results and OB/GYN outcome.



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