Leo’s Surgery and Humira

Leo got his booster shots today and neutered. He didn’t even need gabapentin to get in his carrier! I got us early to give it to him and he refused to eat the area of her s food with the powder in it. I think he knew something was up ha ha.

His surgery went well and the veterinarian noted a huge improvement in his behavior for the better. He’s healthy and doing well at home now. He’s a bit woozy, but doing well. He ate more than I’ve seen him eat at one time when he got home. I’m sharing pictures of his sister, Charmian, waiting for him and his return.

I got a nice delivery of Humira today from the Abbvie patient assistance pharmacy. I wanted to she what the delivery looks like. They mail 12 pens (12 weeks) at a time. I just have to call when I’m down to one pen. The assistance is good for one year and then I just reapply before the years end for more help.

We have nothing going the rest of the week and plan on going to the gym and relaxing after so many activities and appointments the last few weeks.

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