Meet Charmian + Updates


While searching for a scratching post for Leo last week at Petsmart, we saw a few cats for adoption in the back. We weren’t in search for a new addition to the family, Charmain found us. She was the only one who came right up to the glass wanting to meet us. She was so adorable! She was black and gold colored Tortoiseshell with a hint of tabby. We already had an adoption application on file with the shelter Petsmart was partnered with. I told my husband we should go home and think about it first.

I went over our finances first and saw that we could afford a second cat, but no more. However, I worried about Leo being around a new cat since he was so scared of everything and everyone. His former owner also warned us he was not good around other cats. I called the shelter to talk to them about this issue. They told us that Charmian was a good fit for Leo and did well around other cats. She told me we had a week “sleepover” with her and, if it didn’t work out, we would be refunded or could chose another cat more suited for us. We were also given a discount on the adoption fee so, I arranged to meet them at the store to adopt Charmian.

She is a one year old, fixed, healthy, cat who has had all her shots and even chipped. She’s playful, curious, independent, and loving. When we got her home, we shut the door to our bedroom (Leo’s room) and just let her roam around first to feel things out. She has no problem getting right in your face if you have food. We realized that needs to be tamed as she seems to want to overeat. At the end of the evening, we opened the door to our room and sat in there for a while to see what they would do.

When Charmian entered the bedroom, Leo came right out chirping to meet her. She, however, was not so happy to meet him. She growled and hissed at him any time he got near. I was happy to see he wanted to play and was accepting of his new housemate. I worried Charmian wouldn’t accept him, though. We agreed to just let them work it out since there were no fights breaking out and, by the next day, they were getting along fine. She does get a little jealous and will bop him in the head to let her lay closer to us AND she does try to eat up Leo’s food after eating hers. Leo hasn’t braved up enough to stand up for himself and we have to rescue his food from her. It’s just so nice to see Leo walking around the whole house, sleeping out in the living room at night to be near her, and just being a normal cat. He still fears anyone coming over and, when the front door opens, he runs to hide until he sees it’s just one of us.

Tomorrow, Leo is getting fixed at the vet and getting his booster shots. We’re not looking forward to trying to get him in his pet carrier in the morning. That’s the only time he has ever been violent and it took him two weeks after the first vet visit to  trust us again. We were given gabapentin from the vet to give him an hour before we take him. I hope that calms him enough to get him in his carrier without as much issue. I already have the carrier next to my bed so it’s not a surprise later.

As far as my updates, I am negative for HPV, my PAP was normal, and my uterine biopsy was ok too. I have a sonogram next week on the 15th and see the OB/GYN the 20th to go over my options. If nothing shows up on my sonogram, my Dr said I am just in Perimenopause and he will discuss my options then. I looked up the symptoms of Perimenopause and I am having all the symptoms listed here: PeriMenopause Symptoms.  I had a mammogram and still waiting for those results. I honestly feel I am going to be fine, I am now taking Zoloft for depression and anxiety since Prozac made my anxiety worse, and I am taking gabapentin at night and trying to work up to 3 times a day. 300MG was way too much for me to start with so, my Dr lowered it to 100mg for now. That worked better, but I only tried it one night so far. I hate pills and, honestly, just need to suck it up and take them. It helped so much with the hot flashes and night sweats! If you read the link I posted, gabapentin is often used for hot flashes. I will be starting therapy this month too.

I have to say, hot flashes SUCK! I used to just get night sweats around my period that included insomnia issues. Now, I have hot flashes in the day and night! They come on strong and start in the chest and radiate all over! It’s like someone turned on the oven and stuck me in there, chest first. My face gets red, my eyes burn, and even my lips get hot at times. I sweat and feel dizzy. The first couple times I had this happen, I freaked out and thought for a second I was having a heart attack or something. Now that I know what they are, it’s easier to handle. My poor husband says I have it freezing in the house and he sleeps on the couch a lot because I keep tossing and turning. I don’t mind because he’s a snorer and a furnace himself! When I took the gabapentin, I was able to lose the heat and sleep better. His snoring didn’t bother me, I was knocked out HAHA. Yes, I am taking it tonight for sure!

I did my second loading doses of Humira yesterday. The two shots were fast and easy to do now that I know the drill. Even my Humira nurse who called to check up on me was proud of my success. I had the same side effects as before with only one added issue of having my skin be more sensitive than usual. Everything made me itch more than usual, but nothing too big. I wanted to sleep all day yesterday and had a headache today that went away with a nap. I am also getting used to Zoloft and that might have made the side effects more prominent. All I know is that this drug is a miracle drug for my skin. My Hidradenitis is not flaring up as bed and, when I got a new boil or started to flare, it went away in a day or to instead of a month or two. My face, neck, head, and back doesn’t break out as much if at all now. My skin is smoother too! probably because I’m not breaking out as much and drinking more water. I can’t wait to see if this will heal my old lesions more or all the way. The one that wouldn’t close after surgery under my arm is starting to close up more. I’m just overall happy with Humira so far and hope this keeps working for me.

I saw my primary care doctor about my issue with the pain clinic doctor and he said I should have at least been offered a shot like I asked for for pain. He said a shot of at least cortisone would have helped me some than nothing at all. He is referring me to a orthopedic specialist for my back and joint issues and I hope to get a call soon to schedule this. I did make a formal complaint on how I was treated and asked that it be added to my medical records since he stated in mine that I called him a quack and got mad at him. He left out why I said what I said and even lied and said I told all the patients in the waiting room that he was a quack. That didn’t happen and video will show that didn’t happen. I asked for my rebuttal and complaint to be added to my file so new doctors and the newer ones I am working with do not think badly of me and fully understand both sides fairly. He failed to mention the only treatments I asked for was a pain blocking shot to be able to walk and physical therapy. I do not need dr’s thinking I was just there trying to get pain meds or something. I HATE pain pills! Opiods make me very sick to my stomach and I do not want to become addicted to them. That’s why I have only taken them 5-6 times in the last 13 years for back and surgery pain. I have probably been more deserving of those pills considering I can hardly walk at times and, yet, never ask for them. I, instead, took NSAIDS like candy for the pain and ended up with stomach ulcers. My Primary Care dr has known me since the early 2000’s and told me not to worry about that guy. I am glad he’s got me covered. He agreed with my rheumatoid Dr that I have fibromyalgia on top of the degenerative disk disease, scoliosis, and osteoarthritis. This pain doctor didn’t agree, but he also didn’t check the classic pressure points of fibro pain either! My PCP even put on my gabapentin prescription “for fibromyalgia”. I digress.

My husband and I went to Hobby Lobby the other day and got some fun things to do in our free time. He got some yarn to make me a few bracelets and I got a paint by number he picked out for me to do. He loves horses and picked out this pretty horse painting for me to put above the bed. I also made a beautiful vase with the sea shells my daughter sent me when she lived in Florida.


Bonus: I thought I would share a happy photo of my youngest grandson I was lucky enough to baby sit the other day. I also want to share my new hair perm! I love the new look. I’ll be dying out the grays in a few weeks at home.

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