The Pain “Specialist” Clinic

I can sum up my experience here with this: It was a waste of my time, humiliating, shaming, and infuriating.

I started my day with a mammogram. Then, my husband and I had errands we had to run most of the day. By the time I went for to my 3:30PM appointment at this pain clinic, my back was hurting so bad I wanted to scream. I was irritable, hurting, and about to cry. I sat in the waiting room 45 minutes before anyone even called me to the back.

Once in a room, I waited another 10 minutes for the Dr who introduced himself as the director. He thought I was there for my hidradenitis pain and I explained that Humira was helping with that and I didn’t need help with the skin pain, just the back and joint pain. He said that was good because he couldn’t help me with that anyway.

He asked a lot of questions and I answered honestly. At times, it seemed like he was talking down to me. I say this because, as I talked about my pain and the doctors I have been to for 13 years of these issues, he minimized my pain and told me the doctors were wrong. After 13 years of Xrays and MRI’s all Dr’s have told me I have had sciatic issues with pain going down the back of my right buttock, leg, and knee. I also have weakness in that leg and almost constant hip pain that had started last year. I have had hip pain off and on since age 15, but it’s worse in my 30’s and 40’s. He agreed that I had scoliosis, degenerative disk disease, and osteoarthritis. He doubted the doctors diagnosis of fibromyalgia  and sciatica pain. He also told me I was not having the pain I thought I was having. I told him my hips feel like bone on bone pain and he said I was not having this pain. How does he know? He discredited 13 years of Dr’s diagnosis and said he knew better.

I was not there for pills of any kind. I was told by my primary care doctor, rheumatoid Dr, and this man’s own pre-appointment letter to me that he could provide nerve and facet pain blocking shots. When I asked for this, he said no and told me I just needed physical therapy. I agreed to this, but begged for help with some pain relief until therapy could start helping. Being able to walk and move correctly without pain would also help me be able to go to the gym and lose weight easier. He said no again because I am not having nerve pain. I argued that he is basically calling all my doctor’s liars and I believed them over him. He said they didn’t know what they were talking about. I got up and walked out and told him I would find a Dr who knew what the hell they were doing.

I walked out the front door and never looked back. He later put in his notes that I stopped in the waiting room and told everyone he was a quack. I did no such thing. I walked out of his room and mumbled he was a quack under my breath near the check out lady and walked NON STOP through the waiting room and never even made eye contact with anyone, nor did I say anything to anyone. I have a good working relationship with doctors who have known me for years who have never treated me like that. I might have been told they can’t help or that they do not know enough about HS to help me. But, aside from rude emergency room doctors over the years, I hever never had a doctor be so swelled headed and call all doctors I have seen for 13 years lairs or ill-informed. I have had MRI’s show my years of back and nerve issues. He didn’t even order these or think I needed an MRI. I will be going to my Primary Care Dr tomorrow to see about going to an actual spinal specialist. I also have a bladder infection and UTI I need handled.

On a good note, I got approved for Humira (Abbvie) patient assistance and will be getting my humira shots for free until this time next year. I get 90 days mailed to me at a time and just have to reapply each year. That’s a load off my back.

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