Lemp Mansion Ghost Hunting

I grew up with horror movies thanks to my dad and loved them. I started out with just Stephen King books and movies but, since the Ghost Hunter’s first started in 2004, I always wanted to go on a ghost hunt. My husband and I went on a couple ghost hunts in St. Augustine, FL last year. This year, we invited my youngest brother and my oldest daughter to go to Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, MO for an overnight stay in the William’s Suite.

From what I understood, there were 2-3 deaths in the William Suite. I know for sure, a suicide and natural death of a wife. The whole family seemed to have mental issues and almost all died by suicide with only one suicide taking place outside the home. It seems like the place is cursed or something.

When we pulled up, we were greeted by a looming Victorian home that looked like something out of a horror film. The two sets of double hung doors we went through in the entrance had the classic squeak of a haunted house and, when walking in, it had the air of eeriness I expected.

The main floor and basement is a restaurant while the top two floors are a bed and breakfast. We were met by a wonderful host who signed us in and gave us a quick tour. We were shown to the back stairs where we could come and go after they left after hours (yes we would be left alone overnight), we were shown our bathroom down the hall from our room, and finally shown our room. We were told we could go anywhere other than the bar and kitchen to ghost hunt and informed that a wedding would be going on until about 11pm.

After a 2 hour trip, my daughter and I had to use the bathroom straight away. The home had a spooky feeling and the stories didn’t help the psyche either. So, obviously, we went together down the long hall to the bathroom. The bathroom was brightly lit with two, large, frosted windows and had a free standing tub with legs. I absolutely love older homes, but I have to say, this house has some pretty creepy art work throughout. The bathroom was no exception with two naked, dead looking women and a painting of a bathtub with an eerie face above it. I think the decor was to add to the spook factor.

When we got back to the room, we took pictures of everything and settled in. We had muffins, breakfast bars, wine, apple juice, coffee, and chips waiting for us in the room on two tables. The room had a king in one area of the bedroom and a queen in the sitting room with a couch. Both rooms had a table in it and the sitting room had a keurig for coffee. We were pretty tired from the long drive and decided to get rest before a night of ghost hunting.

My husband and I took the king bed and went off to sleep. I kept waking up forgetting where I was and having a feeling of someone looking at me. I chalked it up to just being in a supposedly haunted home and went back to sleep. I woke up for the last time to what I thought was myself talking in my sleep. I have been known to do this from time-to-time and just tried to go back to sleep. The wedding reception outside had started an hour or so earlier and it was hard to get back to sleep. I lay there with the twilight of the evening shining through the window and just closed my eyes to try to rest some more. Soon after I closed my eyes, I heard a woman hum or sigh loudly in my face. Sleeping at that point wasn’t going to happen and I got up when I noticed my daughter up as well. She too said she heard a woman’s voice and didn’t know if it was me or not. She said she was also touched and it woke her up.

Once up, we all went outside to check things out. The restaurant was busy with customers and wedding guests and there was a large wedding reception around the corner. We walked around inside taking pictures and decided to head out for something to eat at Chillis since the Lemp menu was a bit too pricey for us. My brother was a little sick to his stomach and declined to go. My daughter left and EVP recorder going while we went out.

When we got back, we listened to the recorder and heard clanging like keys going on when no one was moving keys and my brother was clearly asleep. We heard the reception and nothing more, however, the recording was over an hour long and is still being reviewed by my daughter at her home now. We roamed around the house and took a few more pictures. When up in the 3rd floor areas, I felt a shock hit my right shoulder and hair twice. My brother got the same feeling on his elbow. We were touching nothing nor each other. That was a big “nope” for me and I went down stairs again.

We went down for a peek at the wedding party again and saw they were all leaving. They gave us a nice tray of cake pops to take to our room. Once the wedding party left at about 11pm, we did some real ghost hunting. When we got back to our room, we had been recording the whole way and heard piano playing outside our room. There is a piano right outside the room and one down the hall in a sitting room. We went to investigate and found it was just other guests having a bit of fun. My daughter offered cake pops to them and we went back to the room to gear up.

Before we went back out, my brother and I wanted more coffee and muffins for the morning. They came right up and delivered and we picked the staffs brain for ghostly knowledge. The staff member told us there were three deaths in our room and she thought the last son to commit suicide was murdered. He was the only one to leave a note and shot his own dog as well even though he had two servants there who would have cared for the dog. I’m not sure how much of that was true, but it sounded good.

I can say we heard banging in areas were we knew no one was at. There was another party there staying on the 3rd floor, but we were always in a different area doing our own “hunting”. At one point, my daughter and I heard a baby cry near the nursery and went back to find our room door open when we knew we had shut it. The guys had been left outside to smoke with the other party so, we knew it wasn’t any of them.

By about 2:30AM, we looked over photos and some video. We found a cool photo of a misty shape in our room that looked like William who died in that room. I am waiting for my daughter to email me that picture to share. We went to sleep at about 3AM, but I couldn’t sleep. I could hear my husband snoring and heard something in the room with them. I was too afraid to open my eyes and called out to my brother. I got no answer. I thin yelled for my husband to switch places with my daughter next to me so I could sleep better. She went with my brother and my husband stayed with me. I think I finally fell asleep at 4AM and slept pretty hard.

The next morning, we noticed that the people from before us just left their keys on the floor on the way out instead of putting it in the mail slot. We guessed they got spooked and were in a hurry to leave. We turned in our keys to the staff coming in and went home ourselves. It was a night I will never forget and I might just come back again some year for more freaky fun. Next time, I want the 3rd floor where the most activity is said to be.

Here are a few photos and videos of the night. I will make a part two if my daughter finds more evidence.

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