The Gynecologist (update added)

So, I haven’t seen a gynecologist since 2015 and finally got to meet my new provider today. He was very direct and right to the point, but kind as well. I told him that I have had painful and heavy periods since I started at age 12, but the last few years just keep getting worse. I now have periods every 21-18 days apart, 7-9 days long, heavy bleeding, large clots, and very painful cramps that almost feel like a stabbing pain. My periods also make my lower back pain worse, I have pain with intercourse, I get hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, along with mood changes and anxiety. I told him I had all sorts of hormone tests from my primary care doctor that said I was not having hormone issues.

He explained that my levels will be normal until I am in menopause. He said hormones can fluctuate before menopause and it would be hard to find on a blood test unless they do one several times a month. He said I have all the symptoms of Perimeanopause and possible fibroids again. I had a fibroid 20 years ago while pregnant and I thought it went away. He said they can shrink and come back later.  He said he saw where I had an abdomen CT scan last month, but it was for bowel issues and it didn’t measure or focus on my uterus, just noted it was enlarged. He wants a sonogram done to look at my ovaries and uterus. He then asked me if I had ever had an HPV test with a pap test? I have no clue so, he is doing that too. He also wants me to have a mammogram. He said he does them before age 50 because they can catch breast cancer earlier that way if one is going to get it. I already has one in 2015 and had the records sent after my appointment for comparison. Now to the shocker…….

He wanted to do a uterine biopsy right there with my pap! I was totally not ready for that. No wine and dine or nothing, just boom, biopsy. I’ve never had to have anything like that and was a bit scared to be honest. I he told me it would be fine and only hurt for a few seconds. This, coming from a man. He explained that would show any hormone changes, fiboriods, endometriosis or endometrial cancers, and more. Along with the sonogram, we can figure out for sure what’s going on.

I was happy to have a doctor who was so caring while he performed everything. He explained everything he was going to do and when he would do it. He just told me to breathe and even asked me if I was allergic to Shellfish or iodine! I am so glad he did because I am highly allergic to both! He knows I am on Humira and he said the vagina is full of bacteria that he didn’t want going into my uterus causing an infection. He had to sanitize using Hibiclens (same stuff I use to clean my hidradenitis boils). I still wished my husband or daughter could have went with me. I wouldn’t have been as scared or felt so alone.

The pap went well, my cervix is far back and to the left so he had to get a longer speculum. Update: I forgot to add that the doctor saw all my HS scars and lesions on my groin and asked how long I have suffered. I told him 13 years. He told me he could see that. He said he hoped Humira can help because it looked like surgery didn’t. Then came the “pinch”. I could feel the sharp pains all the way to my belly button! I hyperventilated a little from breathing too deep and fast to keep from screaming out or tensing up. When it was all over with, I was given a wet cloth and a pad and told to relax as long as I needed before getting dresses. I was told to expect cramping and bleeding/spotting for a day or two after. Because of being on Humira and having a compromised immune system, I was told to watch for fever, worsening pain, heavier bleeding. and/or any bad smells or discharges. He said just go home and take it easy. Take it easy? I wish! I wanted to crawl in bed so badly, but still had to pay rent, electric, and other bills AND the maintenance man was coming to fix our oven today.

Here’s what he did on paper: After appropriate consents were signed and discussed. A speculum was placed in the vagina and the cervix was identified. The cervix was cleaned with hibiclens. A singletooth tenaculum was placed. A 3 mm pipelle was placed through the os and suction was placed. An Endometrial smple was obtained and passed off for pathology. The uterus sounded with the pipelle to 10 cm.

I would like to add I only gave verbal consent. I signed nothing. I am ok with having the test, or I would have said no. I just wish that lie wasn’t there that I signed a consent.

Went the doctor and nurse left, I lay there on the table a while. I have to be honest, I felt a little violated when they left the room. It’s not the doctor’s fault. I have a little ptsd from a rape 26 years ago that hasn’t come up until now. I think it was just from the pain I felt from my belly button all the way to my vaginal opening. Even my anal area is tender. I just feel crampy and uncomfortable. The bottom line, is that I was very happy with my new OB doctor and glad he doesn’t overlook anything. My PTSD is in no way his fault and he did nothing wrong. I didn’t even know it would pop up until after the biopsy was over with. Next time, I go to a doctor of any kind, I will take my husband for support.

When I got home, my husband helped me with getting the rent and electric paid so I could rest. We pay by money order because both places charge extra for debit card payments and we don’t use checks. I just had to wait for the appliance company to come fix the oven. We’ve been without the use of the oven (not stove top) for over 2 weeks now because it’s old and the landlord was having a hard time getting the right part. She had to call an appliance store to come out, look at it, and order the right part. We should have a working oven in another week or so.

I took a good nap after the appliance man left. I feel ok emotionally again. I did email my primary care doctor today to ask for a counseling appointment. I think with all I am and have been going though, I need to just talk to someone and get everything out. I literally almost went into shutdown and withdraw mode today and have had issues with even my husband touching me for a while. Clearly, the PTSD is still there. Thank goodness I am feeling better as the day goes on. I just hope the pain goes way soon.

I will have my mammogram August 2nd and have pain management the 2nd as well, my husband sees his memory Dr the 6th, I see my dermatology nurse the 8th to be shown how to use the Humira Syringe that I might switch to (the pens hurt a lot), my cat get’s fixed the 9th,  my sonogram the 15th, hubby sees his psychologist for meds the 16th, see the gynecologist for the results follow-up the 20th, I see digestive health the 27th for a follow-up, and my husband sees his neuro-psychologist the 29th. I just can’t wait to have less damn Dr appointments. We have more in September too!

I can’t wait until this weekend! My husband, daughter, and brother will be going to an overnight stay in a haunted hotel. I can’t wait to share that experience! It will be a nice change from medical issues and appointments for sure!

On that note, Leo says “goodnight”


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