Our “New” lives

Now that things are looking up health wise, as far as a plan of action, we have moved on to making our lives better.

Losing weight: We joined the gym and will be going 4-5 days a week unless someone is ill or our medications are bothering us. My husband wants to lose 43 pounds and I want to lose 76. That will put both of us at our ideal weight for our heights. We will be cutting out sugars to only one-two treats a month. We’ll use  agave nectar for sweetener and drink mainly water NO SUGAR OR SODA DRINKS. We’ll be doing mainly the Paleo diet with an exception of whole grain bread and brown rice because of my diverticulosis and needing more fiber. I did this before and lost 60 pounds in 9 months just by eating right and going to the gym 4-5 times a week.

Our cat, Leo: : Leo is doing much better this week. He is an extremely shy/scared cat and we’ve had to work hard to get him out of his shell. It’s an ongoing process and will take time to help him get over his fears, if he can ever get over them at all. We have bought fishing pole toys, tunnels and hiders, scratching posts, natural sent remedies, treats, gave him a safe room (our bedroom), and more. He played with his fishing toy for the first time since we got him last month and is rubbing up against things now. He followed me to the bathroom and dining room for a while and rubbed up against me while meowing for attention. I have played with him twice today and was so proud of him.

His former owner was female so, my husband is having a harder time gaining his trust. Plus, he was the one who put him in his crate to go to the vet a couple weeks ago. I now have the crate in the bedroom so it’s not so foreign to him. We are getting him fixed and booster shots the 9th of August and have some gabapentin  the vet gave us to help calm him before we go. I have pictures below of his progress.

Our Home: We have spent two years trying to get on our feet and finally have everything we need to have a nice home. It may be mostly donated or Walmart stuff, but it’s ours and I am proud. I am just looking for one more painting or artwork for above the bed. If you’re wondering why the bed is on the floor, it’s so that Leo does not hide under there. It’s too hard to get him out if there’s an emergency. We felt it best to just take the frame down and store it away in the closet until we can get it to stop hiding (if ever). We’ve bought summer clothes and have enough money left for winter clothes. See our home pictures below. Yes, in the bedroom, you will see a lot of medication bottles. My husband is a disabled veteran and is on a lot of medications for his brain injury, dementia, seizures, and other health problems. His side of the bed is on the left. Yes, those are all his medications! You all know MY health problems so I won’t get into that.

Hobbies: My husband and I agreed to buy one inexpensive thing each month we like to do or collect. He likes XBox games and I collect Stephen King and John Grisham books/movies. I bought a couple books you can see below. I also want to take up cross stitching again and hubby wants to do beading. He has tremors from his meds and brain injury, but wants to try to do this again. He loves making necklaces for me.

Outdoors: Once I get my pain under control and used to the gym again, my husband and I plan on hiking and enjoying nature and local activities again. Watch out for posts and pictures of those experiences.

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