Humira 24 hours later

After last night’s fiasco turned good Shots and more Shots, Things went so much better today. The side effects I felt from two, 40mg Humira shots during the night was just a slightly more tired feeling, a feeling of small cold or allergies, itching and small redness on the injection site, urinating more a few hours after injection, and I had the munchies. My HS areas, especially my groin area became itchy through the night. This was more than usual.

This morning, I woke up feeling a little hung over with a small headache through the day that was easily taken care of with a small dose of Advil. I felt ok, but tired easier doing simple things and needed a nap later in the afternoon. Overall, I was fine on just two loading doses.

Humira called me to get my two pens replaced and sent to me that I messed up yesterday free of charge. I should have those in less than 2 weeks.

My Humira nurse ambassador called me at about 3pm and urged me to write a letter to Abbvie Patient assistance to plead my case in needing help getting medications. She agreed with me that I should get on a weekly dose and continue to advocate for this with my doctor. I did just that when I hung up with her. I explained to my doctor that I just didn’t want to waste any time on the lower dose and find out later I should have been on the weekly dose recommended for HS in the first place. She agreed to change the dose and have their medication liaison call Medicaid and get more pens authorized for payment with the new dosage. They will also call Abbvie and change the dose with them as well. I would know next week if I get approved or not.

Knowing I am changed to the higher doses, I did my two other loading doses tonight. I had no issues like last night, but bled more than yesterday. I also felt a little nauseous and tired faster with more medication in my system. I am told this will pass soon. I hope I have little side effects tomorrow like I did today. In 15 days I take two more shots and then do them once a week from then on out. I will take about 2-3 months to start seeing improvement in my HS the nurse said. I am looking forward to what the future brings with Humira.

On a side note, I got my 23 and Me kit in the mail for my DNA ancestry and health test. It was kind of gross spitting in a tube, but I am anxious to find out my results. My ANA testing the doctor did yesterday should show up online tomorrow as well. I’m sure I am fine but, with all my medical issues, it’s good to know for sure.

Stay tuned for more later.

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