It’s About Time

We’ve been waiting since February for my husband’s VA disability retroactive payment. It, thankfully, came earlier this week. After being homeless last year and losing everything in the Maria hurricane when we lived in Puerto Rico, we have struggled on a fixed income to get on our feet.

The first thing we did was get our car fixed and my medications (not Humira). We needed a steering wheel coupler, breaks, a tune up, and tires. The car drives like new now! I got my vitamin D and Clindamycin cream.

The next thing we did was get our new 4 year old cat, Leo to the vet and pay the $300 pet deposit to the landlord. Leo had never been to the vet before so he needed a complete overlook and all shots. He has ear mites and a double ear infection, but was healthy otherwise. He got his back end trimmed up and nails clipped too. We got an antibiotic ear drop solution to put in his ears 2 times a day for 2 weeks and revolution for the ear mites.

My husband is a veteran and suffers from a brain injury with seizures, anxiety, memory issues (dementia), and depression. His therapist advised us to get a pet to help us both with our depression and anxiety issues. I can tell you this, we have a cat with anxiety issues as well! He was raised around college kids and everything scares him. He hated the vet and is in hiding right now because it was so stressful for him yesterday. He still needs a booster shot in 3 weeks and will be fixed soon after that. Because it was so terrifying for him to go to the vet, we were given Gabapentin. It is a human drug that is also used in the veterinary field to treat pain or to control seizures. In cats, it is highly effective in reducing fear and anxiety! Three hours before a vet visit, the owner gives the medication at home. We will be giving this to him before any vet visits next time. We just sprinkle it onto his food a few hours before we leave. We were told he was a Maine coon, but he looks more like a creamy orange Norwegian Forest cat. I’ll try to take pictures when he’s not in hiding.

Lastly, we got a dining table, summer clothes, a gym membership at Planet Fitness, and small odds and ends we needed for the home. We will only be having one small bit of fun next month with the family, but that’s going to be a special blog post on it’s own. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time with my daughter and family and I can’t wait to share.

I only have a small medical setback to talk about before I sign off tonight. I had to stop taking Cymbalta per doctors orders because it was causing me to not be able to urinate properly. My doctor was afraid I would get a kidney and/or bladder infection. I also got serotonin syndrome when I raised the dose to 60mg. My doctor is going to talk to me next week about different medication I can take for pain, anxiety, and depression. My hidradenitis is also coming back in areas I had surgery on and on my vulva and right underarm. The vulva and right arm are areas I’ve never had HS before. I’m saddened that I have it coming back so fast and more aggressive. I can only hope Humira or other treatments can help me. I am trying not to lose hope. I am still waiting on Humira patient assistance. Once that is approved, I can start treatment and see if that helps my HS calm down. I will keep everyone posted.



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