X-Ray results and Cymbalta Update

Last week, I was told I have osteoarthritis and scoliosis of my lower back. I was urged to go to the Pain Management Clinic asap and got an appointment for August 2nd. I knew I had scoliosis, but wasn’t sure how bad it was until I saw the lower back X-ray results. I now understand why I have trouble walking and am in so much pain.

My lower back xray findings: FINDINGS:
There is scoliotic curvature of the lumbar spine convex left. Angulation is approximately 7 degrees. Disc space narrowing is present at L5-S1 with retrolisthesis similar to reformatted images on recent CT. Lesser narrowing is present at L4-5. Vertebral body heights are maintained.
Degenerative disc disease L4-5 and L5-S1

I will do whatever the pain clinic says to do, but I also have to lose weight and get pressure off my joints and back. I already know my upper back and neck is deteriorating and fusing as well from an MRI in 2013. I really need to stop playing around and get this weight off now before my back gets worse and I end up in a wheel chair. My daughter and husband have urged me to swallow my pride and get a walker for the days I can’t walk unassististed. I am picking one up at Walmart next month and am also going on a strict diet to get this weight off . I’ll get going to the gym as well. I know I can only handle walking for 1 or 1.5 hours before my back starts hurting. That’s an hour at the gym right there I can take advantage of! I can’t live like this any more. I won’t!

I am still waiting on my Humira Patient assistance to be approved, but started 60mg of Cymbalta yesterday. The 60mg is a lot more potent. I am back to being tired and it makes me a bit dizzy when I stand up. I am also more nauseous than before and I have little appetite. I know this too shall pass and not giving up on it. It’s helping with my depression and anxiety so much as well as keeping the nerve pain down. I am able to walk more than I have before due to Cymbalta easing the sciatic nerve pain in my lower back. I am assuming it’s the Cymbalta doing that because I’m not on anything else for the pain.

I am due to start my period next week and my left arm is starting to hurt again. The Hidradenitis is still there after surgery and not allowing my arm to heal properly. It’s flaring up now because of my hormones. I can’t wait to start Humira. I am praying it works for me.

I’m closing this for now as my Cymbalta is making me tired again. I am just going to sleep and ride the waves until I adjust to the medication. I hope my friends understand why I am not talking as much. I am just trying to adjust to everything. I should be back to myself soon.

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