My thoughts on Cymbalta so far

I first tried Cymbalta via my primary care doctor back in March (I think). I was still very ill from a colon infection, had stomach ulcers and inflammation, and raging hidradenitis when I started the medication. I felt dizzy, sick to my stomach, and got a very bad headache. I couldn’t take it, it made me too sick to handle it. Now, my colon and stomach ulcers are healed and my Hidradenitis is calmed down some.

Yesterday, I was urged by my Rheumatologist to give it a try again. I have depression, anxiety, and chronic pain and she said this was my best option. I told her I was also worried about the side effects coming off the medication. I read it can be very hard to come off of and make someone very sick. She explained that this was true, but that most people don’t come off it the right way and she would help me do that correctly if I ever needed to. So, I went to GoodRX and found a Walmart coupon for $18 and hurried to get it filled. Next month, I will have it for free from the patient medication assistance program. I would have waited, but I am in a lot of pain 24 hours a day and it’s caused me severe depression and lack of sleep for so long, I needed relief now.

For 7 days I am taking 30Mg, then 60Mg from then on. I took my first pill last night at 5pm. Since the pill causes sleepiness, I wanted to start it later in the evening. God knows I’ve had so many sleepless nights, I hoped this would help me sleep for once. 2 hours in, I felt a little dizzy, but nothing else. 3 or 4 hours in and I felt nothing emotionally. My urge to cry was gone (yay) and I felt very relaxed with no anxiety or anything. However, I feel kind of numb emotionally. I still, in my head, find things funny or sad, I am just not able to feel the emotion in my body. I know, it’s hard to explain. After that, everything in my body relaxed and I got tired, but couldn’t fully sleep. I would get extremely tired, just about fall asleep, then feel awake again. At 5am, I was up and just figured I’d stop trying to sleep. I think I got 3 hours sleep, but it wasn’t all at once. My stomach feels a little nauseous and I feel groggy, but overall ok. I hope this evens out as I get used to the medication. I know it takes a good 30 days to adjust to antidepressants and I’ll ride the side effects out.

As far as Cymbalta helping with my pain. That part works too! My joint and hip pain was about 50-60% less painful and my arm pain from surgery that was SO very irritated was about 80-90% gone. I am also happy to report I can walk without a limp and my back wasn’t stiff and painful upon waking as it normally is. I can’t wait to see what 60Mg will do. I hope this is my answer to some or most of my pain relief.

Today, I see my pain management clinic for the first time. Stay tuned for that and I will update on Cymbalta when I up the dose to 60Mg.

2 thoughts on “My thoughts on Cymbalta so far

  1. Cymbalta has really helped my dad. I’ve heard good things and bad things just like any other medication. Some people can tolerate it and it helps them. I tried it once and it didn’t work for me. I hope it gives you relief and I hope you are able to get some sleep soon.

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    1. Thanks. This time around seems promising. I’m just dealing with nausea today, but it’s tolerable. I think that’s with every medication. Not everyone responds the same. I know I didn’t do so well the first time around.


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