Oh Happy Days

Yesterday was day 1 of my menstrual. Why is that a happy day? Because, for the first time in 13 years, after my March 31 surgery, I’ve not flared up anywhere! Even the small ones that came up after surgery didn’t pop up. I am able to wear pants, underwear, and a sanitary pad with no pain! I am still healing from surgery so I can’t cause too much friction in the surgery areas, but not having the HS flare up this month is an answer to prayers.

I know there’s no cure, I get that, but maybe I can have some remission for a while. I have my back up team of doctors to help me along the way now. I feel blessed.

This month (July 11) is my and my husband’s anniversary. We’re going to focus on us this month. I have a dermatologist appointment July 9th that I’ll update you with and I’ll be sharing our happy life since surgery. I’m praying for a very long remission, even if that means implementing any prevention treatments from my dermatologist.

Thank you, Jesus.

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