One month post surgery (graphic photos)

I am going to start with a happy note before I show the photos. I made it out today with hubby and didn’t die. HA. Really, our anniversary is July 11th. He got me, or should I say let me pick out, make-up and he got Xbox games. We’re not rich, so I picked Walmart make-up (Elf and Cover girl is not so bad) and he got used games from Game Stop. I put a face on and we went to the mall. We walked around for a while and had a nice lunch. We then went to Sam’s Club. Hubby’s been wanting a membership there forever. He was like a kid!! After paying the membership (which is $10 more than it used to be 9 years ago), we spent a good hour looking over what we could get next month. We didn’t finish the whole store before they started closing so, guess where I get to go tomorrow…yep, Sam’s Club. YAY me. HAHA No, really, it’s not so bad. I saw a ton of cleaning and cooking stuff I’d want someday. He’s more interested in the grills and camping stuff. I love camping but, with HS, heat and me don’t go well together. Here’s me all done up. In a few weeks, I’m getting my hair permed. It’s my gift to myself post surgery.

These are my surgery sites just over 4 weeks old. My arm (the first photo) still hurts a lot and is showing a few new areas of inflammation. This all may just be normal, but I am bringing this up with my dermatologist July 9th . I edited out as much hair as I could. I still can’t shave and it drives me nuts. ugh.

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