No More Pain…

….pills that is. I stopped taking all opioids for pain two days ago. I was on percocet after my HS surgery since May 31st and switched to oxyconone June 22nd for the surgery and back pain. I have scoliosis in my lower back that causes a lower disk to shift every once in a while. Being in bed a lot didn’t help. I was to take one pill every 6 hours for pain as needed. I only took a half a pill 2-3 times a day as needed instead of 4 whole ones a day. Even with doing that, as I stopped them 2 days ago, I have a little detox going on. I don’t crave them, but I am having headaches, weird and vivid dreams, and my IBS has kicked in. I am just sleeping the feelings off and will be ok soon. At least I don’t crave them. I hate pills!

I am still having a little pain in my arm that can get bad at times, but it’s not any pain that the pills were helping with. It’s more irritation pain with my arm rubbing and pulling as it heals together. The gap was wide and it’s pulling together fast which is making my arm hurt if I raise it up. The pills only helped with nerve pain, right after surgery pain, and back pain. I am 4 weeks out of surgery and, aside from my arm, everything else is almost healed up. I still have to make side-by-side healing pictures for you all.

I know I said I would post pictures, and that will have to wait a couple days. We just had to give away our kittens. The landlord wanted $300 or we would be evicted if we didn’t pay or give them up. We asked if they would wait until we get paid in 2-3 weeks and she said no. We are very very upset because we were family. They were our fur babies. We’ll be going to the humane society and getting a spayed/neutered cat that is healthy, has no fleas or worms, and has had all their shots in a few weeks. At least we have everything needed for a kitty when we get one. We will just be getting one this time as two was a bit much anyway. Nothing can replace Tody and Sox, though and I am at least happy they went to a good home. I removed all photos and video from my Facebook feed because it was too hard to see them.

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