I’m very happy

So, I went through a very depressing time last week. I over did a lot of things causing pain and stress and I thought I wasn’t healing right. For a second, I regretted the surgery and shut down because I thought hope of even having remission in all my active areas was gone. I almost shut down my Facebook page and blog. I even left groups that I loved. I just wanted to give up.

I am a Christian. I prayed hard and family/friends prayed as well. Even if you don’t believe, I’m starting to heal 100% better. Areas that had long tracts and were not flat or that were not filling in are now flat and filling in. The several smaller and rounder ones are filling in with scar tissue. They are a little raised and hard still, but are getting smaller and evening out pretty fast. Every day I’m seeing changes.

My daughter bought a new home so, I’m watching my 6 month old grandson overnight. I don’t have time tonight, but I’m going to make a photo comparison of each stage in a few days.

I’m also going to post some support groups (including mine) and pages of help on Facebook for anyone feeling alone and wanting to connect with others.

I’m so very happy of the positive changes going on and very glad I had the surgery. Now, I’m off to care for this cute little guy.

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