3 week Post Operation Check-Up

Well, I’m at week 3 and had my first post HS surgery appointment. A couple days ago, a nurse practitioner said I had a yeast infection around my wound sites and that my wound edges needed cleaned up. She pointed out a rash forming and some white film and prescribed some cream. It must have been just starting because my surgeon said he saw no yeast today. He also told me everything was healing fine and that my skin will fill in and flatten out in time. He also told me I could take baths now instead of just showers (YAY!) and that new HS nodules usually do not form in the areas taken out.

I am very excited to see what everything looks like healed up. I am happy to have also found a new dermatologist who will help me keep my HS from getting past a stage 1. I really hope that’s possible.

I am sorry this is short, but I hurt my lower back (I have scoliosis) and in a little pain tonight. I am sharing 3 week pictures with you. Sorry for the hair, it’s not possible to shave my lady area right now. I have circled 2 of 3 new, small nodules forming. The 3rd is in an area I am not willing to photograph. I’m not 100% sure if they are new HS flares, but will find out July 9th.


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