Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is NOT the third most painful disease in Healthcare | HSAWARENESS.ORG

I have seen these memes and also found no proof that HS is the 3rd most painful disease. There is no real way to fully measure the pain level in this or many other diseases. It is very painful, but each person’s level is different. It depends on how many nodules you have, what stage you’re in, and more.

As a person with also arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diverticulosis, and scoliosis pain…HS is worse unless I have slipped a disk in my back. THAT hurts worse than anything I have dealt with, it’s up there with child birth pain. Childbirth actually hurt worse than HS to me. There was a couple times when I had an infected or huge boil that it came close, though. The difference is that labor pains go away and HS pain for me did not. I’m hoping after this surgery it can be better. The levels of pain go up and down, but it’s always there. This is what causes depression and anxiety. Just the constant day in and day out pain is enough to drive anyone insane.

As an advocate for HS I will agree that HS Patients have a very painful disease however, unless I have medical documentation as proof, I will never post anything like the false information spreading below.


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