Taking the Good with the Pain

I have some good news. I emailed my dermatologist who’s leaving this month and asked him to please set me up with another Dr in his clinic he thinks is best for HS. I need a plan in place to keep the HS from getting bad again after I heal. I also told him about working with Hopeforhs.org in spreading awareness and getting a local support group started in our area. He said that would be such a good thing for HS patients and told me he was setting me up with a female colleague who is not only good with treating HS, but who is good with patient advocating. I can’t see her until September 25th, but am on a waiting list in case a patient cancels.

I have a lot of ideas in the works with regards to HS awareness, support, and more. I’ll let you know about them as they come to light. I’m so thankful to have found a good organisation who has the same goals as I do and will volunteer as much of my time as they need and as I can.

I am still healing well. As a woman, the day I feared after surgery came today. Mother nature reared it’s head this month and I am in more pain than before. My body is already working overtime to heal, not it’s having to deal with my period. I can’t wear a pad or underwear because it would cut into the open wounds. This makes my time of the month harder to deal with. Tampons are irritating, but I’ve got no choice but to get used to them. I was advised to use a period cup, but that sounds way too messy to me. I would get it everywhere knowing me.

As my wounds are healing, they are a little swollen and irritated from building scare tissue and new skin. It hurts to walk or straighten out my legs because I have a wound on each side of where my butt and leg meet. The drainage from my arm has caused a slight rash/irritation, but it’s nothing to worry about. I’ve gotten than before when my lesions drained too much. I just have sensitive skin and need to keep the area drier is all.

I’m filling my time healing with rest, video games, blogging, reading, and HS awareness from home. I’m so bored! It’s nice outside and I so wish to go walking the mall, going to my daughters, or to go for a hike. I can’t do any of those things right now. It hurts to put on pants or a bra and I can’t sit for too long. I know, I tried and it hurt a lot. On that note, I am going to rest some more and get back to me Farmville game.

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