Surgery 5 days later *graphic Photos*

5 days post HS surgery:

1) I am allergic to adhesive tape. I covered my arm wound and held it in place with on the front and back side of my arm. The area around the tape and the outer part of my bicep was getting warm, broke out in a rash, and very itchy. The area the tape was on was swelling. The wound was and still is fine. I called the nurse and she said I am having a reaction to the adhesive in the tape and made an allergy note in my file.

2) I am to leave my wounds uncovered. The nurse also told me that the doctor did not order wet to dry dressings and marked to leave uncovered unless I leave the home or will have clothing against the wounds. She explained that covering them can irritate and slow the healing process. I have to say, I feel better already keeping them uncovered. I am to clean them with mild soap 1-2 times a day and that’s it.

3) I am tolerating the pain medication better and now need less of it. I only take a half pill in the morning and at night when the pain is higher instead of every 6 hours. I take the stool softener and have a banana, berry, yogurt, and soy shake every day to help regulate my bowel movements. It’s helping a lot so far. The first 3 days were the worst as a friend told me for pain and constipation. I can now sit with little pain on a cushion or my bed.

4) I am eating more protein, getting plenty of fluids, and taking a multivitamin to promote healing. I have a lot more energy than I did 3 days ago. However, I still tire easy if I do too much. My body is working overtime to heal deep wounds and it’s taking a lot out of me.

5) I am about to start my period in 3-4 days. This is going to be a challenge! I am not able to wear underwear or pants/shorts. I will have to just place a long pad there and pray I have no flares. My biggest fear is to get a flare (as I normally do around this time) around the wounds. Last night, I had itching going on near a groin wound and got scared until I realized it was just itching because of healing. No, I do not scratch it, I just ran saline spray over it to sooth the area. This helped a lot.

6) My husband raveled to me that he feels less depressed and more relaxed after my surgery. He says he sees hope in my future and relaxed knowing I have a chance for being happy. I didn’t know he was so worried about me like that. I am so happy he’s less depressed. He does seem more happy and upbeat and loving. HS effects EVERYONE! Remember that!

7) My body has been so inflamed for years with HS that, not that it’s been cut out, I am no longer wheezing, coughing, or having a hard time breathing. I am less tired and have hardly any brain fog. My arthritis even hurts less!! I can’t wait to have my blood work redone when I heal. My blood work just last week showed all over inflammation levels, higher wight blood cell counts, and my levels a couple months ago showed low iron/potassium. I am also not having IBS symptoms! I had 7 large, puss filled, and inflamed lesions removed and 2 smaller ones removed 5 days ago. I am feeling good changes in my body every day. My depression and anxiety is even going away.

8) I am so hungry the last couple days. All I want to do is eat and I am craving mostly protein. I think this is because my body is using so much of my nutrients to heal my wounds. I am eating to heal now and giving my body what it needs and craves.

9) I am BORED! I still can’t leave the home or do much. My left arm hurts if I use it too much and I can’t walk around long either. I can manage getting to the bathroom, taking a shower, getting dressed, and doing short and easy things in the kitchen. I can’t handle too much, though. My body quickly tells me to stop doing what I’m doing. I just want to get out of the house so bad! I never watch soap operas and eve watched Days of Our Lives out of shear boredom.

I am posting a couple pictures of how everything is healing below. The pussy looking stuff is normal and not an infection. It’s new flesh and skin being formed. I will post pictures each month to show the healing process from now on. The top one is my armpit. I cropped too much out, but not willing to keep lifting my arm up to retake as it hurts too much,

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