HS Awareness Week is June 4th-10th *edited*

I joined a wonderful organization called Hope For HS this month. I had been following their Facebook page for a few months, and saw they were getting each state on board with official, Government issued HS Awareness week proclamations and wanted one for Missouri. With the help of Hope for HS emailing me what to say, I went to the Missouri Governor’s proclamation application page and filled out the form to get Missouri on the list for HS Awareness week. I didn’t think it would happen because the site states it takes 30 days to get this signed and I sent it in just last week.

If you’ve seen the news, Missouri’s Governor, Eric Greitens resigned from office and his last day was June 1st. He was nice enough to sign this on his last day. After all the pain I have been through this week and for 13 years, this was the best news to get yesterday. I am asking everyone to read the proclamation, research hidradenitis, and remember all those with this June 4th-10th. Let’s bring HS out of the dark and into the light. HS is very painful, humiliating, misunderstood, and not enough is done to find causes or cures. I, and many with HS, can tell you just how many times we have had medical professionals who know nothing or very little about hidradenitis. More research and education needs to take place in the medical field for Hidradenitis. Just last week, an emergency room doctor wrote in my medical files that I was having Hidradenitis Upper Teeth surgery! I had to explain to everyone in the ER room what HS was and they still wrote that! I digress.

Anyway, here is the wonderful proclamation for all to see.

Update: I noticed that, even though I double checked all spelling sent to the Governor’s office, Suppurativa was spelled wrong at the bottom. My phone sometimes tries to spell it Suppurative in auto correct so, maybe it was just an auto correct issue on their part. I am still very very happy that this was signed in time for our HS Awareness week and plan on making sure that next year this doesn’t happen. I have seen other states have the same thing happen on their proclamation. To err is human.

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