Day 3 post HS Surgery

Friday went well, but I think I did too much too soon after surgery. I used my arm a lot and, by 10pm, my arm on the outside was warm and a little red. The wound was ok with no red marks or streaks, no fever, no infected looking drainage. I stacked 3 pillows up and threw my arm over them to let it rest and stop skin-on-skin contact. I woke up with less pain and the arm is feeling much better. What hurts the most is when the gauze sticks to the wound.

My groin area is still sore, but healing nicer than my arm. It’s not really healing any better I guess, it just hurts more than the groin area. I think maybe because my arm lesion had been there the longest or just more nerve endings were cut. It is one of the deepest wounds post surgery aside from one on my left, inner thigh.

I started getting HS in my left arm in 2006 that would come and go, but always had a hard lump after draining. In 2013, the lesion stayed and developed 5 drainage holes that never stopped draining and never healed. These are called tracks. My groin area and buttocks lesions started in 2006 too, but came and went until only 2016. I have had 2, large tracks with many drainage holes on both sides of my groin since 2016 that never went away and only got bigger. After surgery, I now have 9 wounds. I miss counted 10 yesterday. I had areas under my skin I never knew about, but the surgeon found them, thank God! The reason I miss counted is because one area looked like two but, upon a closer look, was one long track.

I love how my family and friends check on me throughout the day and night. My sister-in-law didn’t even know what I had until yesterday. She new I had surgery and some kind of skin issue, but didn’t understand the extent of it until she saw the pictures. I really don’t think people truly understand the extent of this disease until they see pictures. She’s a nurse aid, so maybe this can help her in her career.

I’ve been trying to do things to get my mind off the pain. My awesome daughter came by Friday night with the baby and bought me Minecraft. I can link up with her game online from the Xbox live and play with her now. That’s cool that we can be in our own homes and still play games together. Baby Max is almost 6 months old now and spent his time rolling around on the floor. He’s about ready to start crawling and can hold his own bottle now. He got some hugs and kisses from me of course lol. I felt bad because I always hold and play with him when I see him and he just kept looking at me like he was wondering why I wasn’t picking him up.

Last night, my daughter came by again with her best friend to check on me. We watched a few YouTube creepy videos. Not to get off topic, but look up Deeper on YouTube and watch the story behind it. It’s got a creep factor of 10. Very strange, short, nonsense videos that remind me of the movie Sinister. I really hope the videos are fake. Just watch it and the back story and you’ll understand.

My husband has been helping so much. He’s doing the house chores, cooking, helping with my care, and walking me to the bathroom. I am so thankful for him and giving him as much of a break as I can today. He’s off playing Skyrim while I watch my shows in the bedroom. I can’t play video games right now, I need to rest my arm.

My mother spoke to me Friday about caring for my wounds. She used to be a nurse practitioner and was in healthcare for about 30 years. She told me that the wounds need to heal slowly from the inside out and to not let them clot. They need to continuously keep building up and out to form an even layer of new skin. She said keep it clean, moist, and covered as much as I can. I bought some saline spray to clean the wounds with each dressing change. This is helping a lot. I still miss soaking in a bath, though.

I want to share with you how my arm looks side-by-side from Thursday to just Saturday. I think it looks ok so far. I am also getting ready to share another post about something very special that I got in the mail yesterday.

Saturday night:

Hours after surgery, Thursday:

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