Small update before Surgery

Well, tomorrow’s the big day! I will have my hidradenitis surgery bilaterally in my groin area and in my left underarm. I am at peace with this and ready to go! I stopped smoking, will be eating healthy foods to heal, and staying hydrated. My goals after surgery heals are to get back to the gym to lose this weight and START LIVING LIFE!!!! I will update as I am able with pictures and possible video of the after surgery details and healing process.

I had an EDG (upper GI scope) done today to see how my stomach and esophagus ulcers and inflammation has healed. I am happy to report that since taking the Proton Pump Inhibitor twice a day and stopping NSAIDs, I am healed. I only have a 2cm hernia in my esophagus from GERD which means food can come back up into my esophagus. I just have to take my PPI once a day (twice if it’s bad), not take NSAIDs if I can help it (small doses for a couple days is ok), and not lay down 2 hours after a meal. I am still dealing with IBS issues and will be talking to my Gastrologist in a few months about treatments.

I was in the ER Saturday for severe dizziness. I was just sitting, talking to my husband when the room started spinning and I felt like I was going to black out. The ER was kind of a joke. They accused me of having a panic attack or drinking until they looked at my records and my family walked in to witness everything. Then, and only then, did they half way listen to me. The did a CT scan which showed nothing huge other than constipation, a little scarring on my lungs (not much at all), slightly bulky uterus (which explains my heavy, painful, and clotty periods), and possible colitis. Nothing explained why I almost passed out, though. My doctor and gastrologist looked at my results and said the CT scan only showed colitis because I have a fixed colon and it can look like colitis on a ct scan. I was told I could have that part of my colon removed if I want. Oh boy, not now! That’s too scary to me right now. If it gets infected for sure or I keep having issues, I will think about it. I would rather have my uterus removed before that! I’m not having kids anymore anyway and tired of the pain each month. It’s enlarged, let remove it. But, first things first, I want the HS lesions gone first and work on keeping it from coming back as long as possible.

See you all after surgery!

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