Almost Time

I have just one small post to share. I will be having hidradenitis surgery in just 1 week and 5 days. I have peace about my choice and excited to get it done and over with. All plans are in place for aftercare and I will take the changes as they come. This is all new to me and I plan on sharing my progress with you as it happens. So far, the plan is still wide area excision on both sides of my groin and left underarm with open healing. This means my wounds will be left open to heal with just bandaging. The surgeon also plans on sending me home the same day. We all know plan change and I will post as soon as I am able after surgery. Please know there will be pictures that may be too graphic for some, but I want to share the truth about the disease, the surgery, and the healing process.

The day before surgery, I have a repeate upper GI to see how my ulcers, EoE, GERD, and inflammation is healing. I will update any new information on that as well.

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