The Surgeon

I saw my hidradenitis surgeon today and have some good news. He looked at everything and said he would do my groin/leg and arm in one setting. He’s leaving things open to heal and will do a combination of wide area and deroofing. He wanted, at first, to close my under arm after cutting out the lesion, but I think he’s decided against it because it would leave the scaring too bad and I’ll lose range of motion too much in my arm. Leaving it open to heal will minimize this problem.

I asked how long I would have to stay in the hospital and he told me I could go home the same day if everything goes ok. This is nice since I don’t have insurance lol. He warned me that this was not a cure and that it can come back even right next to where I had surgery the next day, week, month, or year(s). I told him I was aware of this and willing to take a chance. I just want some form of remission for a while. I just want a chance to be able to go to the gym or hike and lose weight faster, play with my grandchildren, sit and walk without crying in pain, and sleep better at night without so much pain. I hope he understands and doesn’t think I’m nuts. Antibiotics don’t work, draining doesn’t work, and biologics like Humira are so expensive. I would have had to wait months just to get Humira funding assistance denied or approved for a medication that may not even work or only work part way.

I have a good team of doctors and nurses to help me if this comes back and I feel it can be better handled in the early stages if or when this breaks out on me again. Even now, since I eat better and have lost some weight, my new breakouts haven’t lasted as long. It’s the ones that have been there for years and never heal or stop draining that I want gone. If I only have arthritis pain, IBS, or scoliosis pain, that’s better than boils and lesions. Those sometimes hurt more! I have medication for the IBS and, if I ever get health insurance, I might be able to have back surgery to fix my lower back and my right hip that is now up higher than the other because of the scoliosis. The hop being out of place makes my hip joint hurt and my right knee hurt as well. That’s an issue for another time.

Before I left, I asked about pain medication and if it’s ok to take this since I have stomach issues. He told me not to worry, that he will make sure I have a good pain medication that won’t hurt me as bad. He said just make sure to take my Proton Pump Inhibitor medication and a daily stool softener. It’s only for a short while I’ll need to take it. I should be ok.

I am waiting on a call from his office Monday or Tuesday to schedule the operation. He said he’s a bit booked up, so I might have to wait a while before I can get this done. I will keep everyone informed and take some after surgery pictures as well as after healing pictures. I look forward to the future and what it may bring after having this done.

I will have to say, I went to see the patient assistance office and It looks like I might be approved for the hospital financial assistance. It will take about 6-8 weeks to find out, but I might get all or most of the thousands I owe wiped away. I will also find out about my disability medicaid by June, I am told. It would be nice to have both so I can keep getting the help I need and not have such a huge bill or out of pocket medication costs.

I’ll keep you all up-to-date as I know something. Have a great weekend. I get to spend my weekend with my grandson who is flying a kite with grandpa as we speak.



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