What Flares Me

For the past 4 months, I have been using everything I can on my Hidradenitis lesions to stop the pain and heal them. I have tried Antibiotics (those have been off and on for years), Epsom salt baths, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut oil, Vaseline, Vic’s Vapor Rub, warm compresses, Prid, and More. I have altered my diet to the AIP diet and tried to find any foods that cause me to flare up. I have pushed out puss every morning and night in hopes the lesions would dry up and heal. Nothing helped.

April 1st, I stopped all of that. I ate light, mostly fruits and vegetables after my Colonoscopy and upper GI for about a week. I stopped all pain medications, except an occasional Tylenol, and took no more antibiotics. I cleaned my body normally and no longer pushed on the lesions to drain them. I also slowly added some foods back to my diet that I thought would flare me.

From April 1 – April 15th (now), I still have the same lesions and drainage, but the pain is less and I have less drainage. What I have learned about MYSELF (you may be different):

What does not make me flare:

  1. I did not flare when eating a baked potato, bread, tomato, or pepper. In fact, no food flared me. I still can’t eat spicy foods, a lot of tomato sauce, a lot of dairy, or shellfish because of my GERD, EoE, and Diverticulosis.
  2. Minocycline made my lesions flare worse after taking it for a month.

What does make me flare:

  1. Underwear, It doesn’t matter what kind, it hurts me and flares me. The areas hurting will be gone after surgery.
  2. Menstrual pads. I can’t wear tampons, so I am stuck there.
  3. one week before, during, and one week after my period
  4. extreme worry or stress
  5. clothing that rubs me too much.
  6. humidity/sweating

I know eating the right kind of diet will heal me (inside and out), help me lose weight, and keep me overall healthy. That’s just a fact. Therefore, I will be eating as healthy as I can. Less meat, no or little processed foods, more fiber, more plant based foods, no or little sugar, and little to no fried foods. Do I believe in the AIP diet? Yes, I think some foods may be problematic for some people. I also used to think they were my problem too with flaring. However, when I just stopped and listened to my body, I learned what really was hurting me. As I said before, this is what I learned about myself only.

Eating for my health is the key to heal my digestive health and it is good for my skin, hair, nails, and overall health. So, I will be eating healthy. However, I have had no flare or increase in pain since eating any food this last week that I removed 4 months ago.




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