Preparing for surgery

I see my surgeon for my hidradenitis surgery April 27th to set a date and plan. I have an upper GI repeat scheduled for May 30th to check on my EoE, ulcer, and inflammation. I’ll be scheduling the surgery for after that date.

These plans may be boring for some but, for anyone getting HS surgery, these may be good things to think about to get ready before hand. I am praying for a fast recovery time.

I want to discuss with my surgeon that I want this done with Wide Area Excision only. I have read and been told be a couple other doctors that this is the best surgery to keep the HS from coming back to the same area again. Here is the documentation. I want proper pain management too and not just ibuprofen! I know pain medication can cause me to have more stomach and constipation issues, which is not good for my Diverticulosis. Therefore, I only want to take narcotics for the most painful part of the healing and OTC for the less painful parts. I will keep taking my prescribed Protonix to keep stomach acid down with my GERD, take a stool softener and Metamucil to keep regular bowel movements, eat more fiber, and try to move as much as tolerated. Eating for healing is my goal.

Before Surgery:

Elimination of the acute inflammatory process should occur in advance, including the use of antibiotics and minor surgeries such as abscess drainage with proper irrigations. After stabilizing the acute phase, wide surgical excision is recommended. Herein, planning of surgical reconstruction should be initiated to achieve the best outcome and consequently decreasing the risk of recurrence and complications after surgery.

I know my healing will take time (3 months or more) and I am preparing for the long process that will include a lot of being bed bound. This mean’s I need to be able to handle our lives from bed as much as possible.

I am getting a bedside commode, bed tray to eat in bed, bed pads to catch any drainage, adhesive removal spray to help remove and change bandages, surgical gloves, a shower chair for when I can get to a shower, and any items for bed baths.

I am looking up easy and healthy recipes my husband can prepare and will be using the Wal-mart grocery app to order all food and household products we need. All my husband will have to do it go pick them up. I will not be eating processed or sugary foods, I will eat mostly plant based foods, fish 2-3 times a week, and meat only 3-4 times a month.

My daughter has agreed to come by once a week or so to help do any cleaning my husband may have missed or to just give him a break.

Since I can’t go with my husband to his appointments at the VA like I’m supposed to (he has communication and memory issues), I will be doing phone conferences and/or have my daughter go with him if she can. I will also be using the VA website to email his doctors if I have questions and order his medications to be mailed.

I have done all planning as best as I can so that everything will be as smooth as possible after the surgery. All my husband’s doctors, my family, and friends are aware of my plans and are being very helpful and supportive. I think I will be ok.


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