Biopsy Results

I don’t have the results to view myself until April 14th but, since they show up finished online, I called the digestive health clinic.

I was told my colon and esophagus polyp biopsies are cancer free (benign). This is a HUGE weight off my mind and body! The lady I spoke to said that all the biopsies showed was eosinophilic esophagitis (I knew that part) and inflammation. I asked about celiac and she said it showed no signs. However, since my skin cleared up when I stopped eating gluten for 20 days AND my bool work showed I had a reaction to it, I am going on a gluten free diet anyway. My biopsies also showed no Crohn’s but, since I have IBS symptoms, the woman said to come talk to the clinic doctors about treatment for everything I have April 26th. Basically, my results are just what the first results showed.

Since I have no cancer, I called my dermatology clinic to get an appointment to get on Humira for my hidradenitis suppurativa. The clinic scheduler said only the doctor can overbook himself, but got me an appointment for May 10th. She advised I email him to ask for a sooner date, which I did right away.

I found that Tylenol is safe for people with stomach ulcers. It doesn’t help with inflammation, but it helps with some of the pain I’m having, so I am taking this until my doctor can get me on something safer and stronger to take (if there is anything).

I still have food and pills getting caught in my esophagus and have to drink a lot of water to get it to go down. I burp a lot and have pressure in my chest and upper back when the food or pills get caught. Even after waiting 2 or more hours to lay down after eating, I still get gas build up in the esophagus and have to sit up to burp and relieve pressure. This is causing lack of a good nights sleep. I already have a hard time sleeping with the Hidradenitis pain as it is that I am averaging only about 3-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.

My patient rep for medicaid had me email her all medical bills, 4 months of bank statements, and any new medical records to fax to the medicaid office. This week, I plan on going into the food stamp office to appeal the food stamp denial by showing them the now $5,524.54 hospital bill I have, all medication receipts, and doctor visit receipts I have to cover out of pocket because I can’t afford or qualify for regular health insurance. I have had insurance companies laugh and hang up on me when I tell them of my conditions. No one wants to cover someone with so many preexisting conditions and medical visits. I am praying I am approved for the disability medicaid soon. Even if I just qualify for medicaid spend down, that can help. I would only have to pay any month my bills are less than my monthly premium.

On a good note, now that I know what’s going on, I can now focus on healing and treating my illnesses/diseases. There are no cures for anything I have, but I can at least be on treatments and the right diet to help me live a somewhat normal life.

My posts from now on will cover treatment and diet/weight loss results as well as any medical research or news I find on my conditions. The only exception will be any new testing results. I look forward to sharing my healing journey with you.

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