Preparation and Elimination

Today is the day. It’s time to start the colon prep. This is my first time for a colonoscopy and I am nervous. I am sharing my experience for anyone else who might be having their “first time”.

My upper endoscopy and colonoscopy is at 11AM tomorrow. I am having the upper endoscopy to test for celiac disease and the colonoscopy because of having colitis and colon/anal swelling. I was given these instructions:

No blood thinners, aspirin, or anything containing iron one week before my appointment.

Day before:

5am-7pm: Clear liquids with no red dyes in them. water, soda, jello, black coffee, kool-aid, popsicles, apple juice, white grape juice, broth.

7pm-9pm: Drink 1/2 gallon of Colyte (I was given 2 packets of Crystal Light lemon flavor to add to the mix). 8oz glasses every 10 minutes until 1/2 gallon is consumed. The container is 1 gallon. put the other half back in the fridge overnight.

9pm-midnight: drink clear liquids again

The day of colonoscopy:

midnight- 4 or 5am: consume nothing by mouth (food or drink)

4 or 5am: start drinking the other half gallon of Colyte. 8oz glass every 10 minutes until container is empty.

I am not on any of these medications, but it says you can take high blood pressure pills, heart pills, and seizure medication with a small sip of water before coming to the appointment.

I prepared myself with lots of liquid, wet wipes, and a fully charged tablet for when I am stuck on the toilet.

From 5am-7pm was boring and, quite frankly, I just wanted to get the bowel movement part over with sooner. I filled my day with jello, juice, popsicles, broth, coffee, vitamin water, TV shows, and Farmville HA. The hunger pains sucked and so did any food commercials on tv! I took a small 1.5 hour nap to kill time, but couldn’t sleep much because I kept having to clear my bladder. My husband was nice enough to eat foods that wouldn’t leave a yummy smell in the house. By 7pm, I was ready to get this going.

7pm, prep time: The prep drink tastes like something between a very salty margarita or salty lemon aid. On an empty stomach, it was hard to get down. If I didn’t burp in between, I would have thrown up. It took about 2 hours for me to gag through a half gallon with a few sips of 7up between drinking. It makes you feel full, and in about 30-45 minutes, I felt it start working it’s way through my gut. Lots of gas, stomach noises, and liquid stool. I only cramped a little. Nothing like when my intestines were flared up.

8-9pm TIP: Do not stray far from the toilet. It will literally be brown like water that comes out at first. The goal is to have clear water come out. It will look like Mountain Dew or close to that. It didn’t hurt much at all compared to an irritable bowel flare up. Warning signs of movement for me: my gut made a gurgling noise, then watery fluid came out right after. The worse part is the drink. Just pretend you’re at a frat party and CHUG CHUG CHUG. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

I am still going off and on, but I will close this for now. I will begin this whole process tomorrow morning before my upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. My next post will be all about that experience and any preliminary findings.

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