Pain Pain, Go Away

I am excited to say I get my colonoscopy the same day as my upper GI biopsy for celiac. I got my colon prep drink and instruction yesterday and bought loads of clear liquids. I am very anxious to get this over with. Monday is my elimination day before the test Tuesday and I am worried that the many bowel movements will hurt like before. I’m eating light today and even lighter tomorrow in hopes I’ll have less to pass on Monday.

So far, my blood work for Humira is coming back great. No Hepatitis B or C and no TB. As soon as my Gastrology and other blood work comes back, my dermatologist and I will start the paperwork for Humira patient assistance so I can start treatments ASAP. I’m going to be using clyndomycine cream on my lesions on top of the Humira treatment to speed healing up.

Because I am having a celiac test done, I have been loading up on Gluten. I had also been feeling less HS pain and did something stupid. I had fries, mashed potatoes, tomato sauce, and peppers this week and now I am super flared up with two new boils on my buttocks. I can promise from this day forth that I will never touch another nightshade food again! It’s just not worth the pain! I can’t even stand anything touching my groin or buttocks area! The swelling pain, itching, and burning is punishment enough and a nasty reminder that I can’t eat certain foods. I also ate ice cream and had severe gas, stomach cramps, and bloating. Dairy is for sure out too and I will ask my doctor if I should take a calcium supplement instead. I’m sure I will have to. It’s weird that I can eat small amounts of yogurt and coffee creamer and be ok, but not other milk products. I can’t take any OTC pain relief because of the colonoscopy, so I just have to deal with the pain.

All the antibiotics I’ve been on has caused a stupid yeast infection. Since I am no longer going to be orally taking antibiotics, I got an extra strength, one time dose yeast infection medication. I plan on loading up on probiotics as well after my colonoscopy.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I get my 4 year old grandson for the night tomorrow. I got him and his baby brother a cute Easter basket. His has candy and his brother’s, since he’s only 3 months old, a cute stuffed bunny. Luckily he’ll be leaving for school before my colon prep kicks in.

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