Dermatologist Part Two

Today was the best visit with a doctor I think I’ve had in a long time. The dermatologist told me to stop taking any antibiotics because it’s tearing up my stomach, not working anyway for my hidradenitis, and hurting my colitis further. He wants to put me on Humira after my upper endoscopy test for celiac decease and colonoscopy. He ran blood tests today to check for Tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis B and C, blood cancers, Infections, and more. These are standard tests that need to be done before I can start Humira because my immune system will be lowered and anything hurting me now can be worsened. I think I am in the clear and not too worried about the test results. I’ll be eating clean and doing Humira to put my body in remission with both HS and any Bowel diseases I have. I am actually excited to start the shots and looking forward to healing after 13 years of skin pain.

I got my Cymbalta today in the mail and started it right away. My primary care doctor said this will help with depression, anxiety, and pain. My dermatologist agreed this my doctor about this and said that lowering my depression and anxiety also helps with HS flares. I will take 30mg for 7 days and then 60mg after that. I took 30mg 2 hours ago and feel no side effects so far, I hope it stays that way. I seem to be getting all the rare side effects from medications these days. Having 2 that work without issues would be nice (Cymbalta and Humira).

My husband and I tried to quit smoking a few months ago and failed. In 6 days, and with the help of Cymbalta keeping me calm with nicotine patches, I am quitting for good in 6 days. I can’t stand the smell, it’s making healing harder, and tired of my smoker’s cough. We will be taking back over our old car payment’s soon and need the money from smoking anyway.

I am still waiting to hear back about disability medicaid and social security disability. I really need the medical financial help at this point more than ever. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.

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