Roller Coaster

This weekend has been both joyful and painful. I enjoyed spending time with my grandson, got the healthy foods I so needed, and made a few of the recipes I posted about in my last post (more on that in my post tomorrow). The pain came today when my gut fought back over all the gluten and other food I’m allergic/sensitive to I’ve eaten the last week. As I said before, we had no money for my clean eating, so I had to eat whatever we could get.

Today, I had extreme pain in my lower abdomen, diarrhea, cold sweats, dizziness, and blood in my stool (most likely from the fissures). My face, neck, scalp, and back breakouts is worse. I am just glad I’m seeing my doctor and dermatologist in 3 days. I must also report that eating the foods I’m not supposed to be eating flared up my HS and I now have a new lesion on my left groin where I’ve never had one before.

My husband got me a tablet with a detachable keyboard so I can blog, read, and play games easier. This should help kill time after surgery and on days I’m in bed with pain (like today).

I got a call from my doctor’s office, urging me to get the biopsy of my lower intestine. I agreed to it but, since I can’t have it done until April 3rd, I will schedule surgery for after the biopsy. I hope he still agrees to do it and that my fissures have healed so he can.

I need prayer and counseling. I am still afraid of post op pain and being without help at home while I heal for the 2 or more months after surgery. I talk myself into and out of having it several times a day. I am going to mention all these things to my doctor this week and ask for a referral to see the clinic’s phycologist. I also can’t forget about my yearly mammogram. I have to remember to take care of my body beyond the autoimmune issues. At least I’m eating clean again and plan on making some gluten and yeast free bread tomorrow. I’ll let you all know what I think of the recipes I found over the weekend.

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