Calming the storm

Although I’m scared to have surgery, I’m also excited to have the lesions gone off my body. I know my HS can come back, but it will be nice to have a fresh start in keeping new breakouts at bay.

My fear is not just about the post operation pain or the 2+ months of healing. Right now, my whole immune system is messed up. My body is attacking itself left and right! I HAVE to calm this down before surgery or my body may attack my surgery areas. I have just 6-8 weeks to get my body to calm down. I have no choice but to go back on the AIP diet.

I was already told by the doctor to cut out dairy, yeast, and gluten. Sugar feeds yeast, so that’s out until my body can rid itself of yeast I’ve been allergic to for so long. It just makes more sense to go full AIP until I heal fully from surgery and then reintroduce foods I’m unsure of to figure out once and for all what’s making me sick. This is the only way I can see fit to calm my body before surgery unless my dermatologist has something to ADD to this process.

I wanted to share a picture of my left underarm lesion so you can grasp the pain I’m in and why I need surgery. I’m not sharing my left leg, groin or buttocks ones…you’re welcome. But, just imagine these same lesions on both butt cheeks, the inner part of my left leg, and both sides of my groin and you’ll understand why I’m in so much pain.

If you want to see my other areas, I can email you a picture with my lady parts edited out. I’d only send them if you want to see what HS really looks like or to see proof of what I’m talking about. However, you can just Google “hidradenitis pictures” to see Lol.

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