I’ve found hope!


Here’s what’s about to happen:

After seeing my surgeon today. I have two things going on: Severe HS and anal fissures. Yes, I know, gross. Sorry. He wants to deroof some and do a Wide area excision on others. The healing time will be 2+ months with antibiotics. However, he wants my dermatologist to give the green light on March 2 (he will) and wants him to begin a plan of action for after surgery to keep new lesions from popping up (not uncommon). ALSO, before surgery, my fissures have to heal. I’ve been given Nifedipine cream and instructions for healing. I see the surgeon again March 23.

I’m doing this so I can have quality of life back again. What works for me might not work for you and vise versa.

You can review the surgery I’ll be getting here  


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